Try n Save ride

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Wasn't it annoying as a child, when you noticed this little ride at Try-N-Save and instead of driving, it exploded? Yeah I was. I was very pissed at it actually.
For those that couldn't sleep at night because of that, I got your medicine! The little ride is here along with the exploded counterpart (although I recommend not driving that one because it is a husk and crashes. Try exploding the normal one instead)
Download link: right here
Finally! This is sick.
I swear I remember a GIF of an episode where Milhouse actually rode this...I always kinda subconsciously associate the car with him in my head as a result and a dinky little toy car fits the dud.

But really well done port overall! Sorta wish this had actually been used in favor of the Monster Truck in Level 5 since it was already shown to exist in Level 2.
milhouse did ride in this in the episode where his parent split up
Nah, I'm thinking of another episode that wasn't A Milhouse Divided. I'm thinking it might have been in the mid-10 season range? It had Milhouse sleeping and we can see a thought bubble. He's riding a ride that looks insanely similar to the one at the Try-N-Save (and even appears to have a coin slot near it?) but I haven't been able to find said episode. Does anybody know what episode this is? I swear I feel like I'm hallucinating it since I've only seen the GIF in question once and don't know what episode it originated from. Tried taking a look at episodes from Seasons 9-12 to see if maybe it was from there but I haven't had any luck.

Though, the color scheme compared to the car in Milhouse Divided seems insanely similar.

Sort of off-topic, but it'd be really neat to see if this scene might have inspired the gag design.

Again though, excellent work porting it over! This poor little thing needed some love after being blown to bits before we could even drive it.
also if milhouse had a car this feels like the accurate stats for it
the game crashes when i try and buy it in level 7
The issue should now be fixed. Please re-download the mod, I have reuploaded a working version of that. The little husk should as well no longer crash when exiting it.