MFK Language Highlighter for Notepad++ [w. ASF commands]

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Hey there, so, after seeing a similar post made by Maz - I've decided to reupload something that was released a long time ago

AHEM, so, it's the MFK language highlighter for Notepad++! The very programm you use to make mod scripts and stuff… please do tell me you're using it instead of MS Notepad
Anyways, it makes reading stuff in MFK scripts much more easier! Besides, you will always know when/if you screwed up!
The highlighter also features ASF commands, which are coloured differently to help you differentiate. The latest launcher version compatible with these added commands is Mod Launcher 1.26
(On topic of differentiation, RESET_TO_HERE and CHECKPOINT_HERE commands are coloured red to help you find them)

The highlighter was based around a much older one made by Boo1852, but the original file got deleted and the creator hasn't been active for ages so I figured out it would be okay

To install the highlighter - simply follow these steps:
1. Obviously, open Notepad++
2. Click on Language
3. In the dropdown menu - click on "Define your language…"
4. Press "Import" in the menu that appeared
5. Open any MFK file (if you haven't already), then click on Language again and select "SHAR MFK"
6. Done! Every MFK file should now be coloured up, enjoy!