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Hi, my name is Stringmaster7. I have been a huge fan of SHAR since it first came out, and now have been a member for over 5 years. I keep looking into the DT Docs to see what I can use for the original PC Game. I look for things that could be useful, but some of the info is in STUB and/or WIP. I was wondering if, and would it be ok, to just go in and find some of the info and input it into the system itself. Again, if it would be ok to do so. If i am stepping over my boundaries as a member, I am sorry. I would just like to help out some people who are like me, going into the game files and changing a few of them out, but because the game is no longer serviced, I do not think Radical Entertainment is going to ben me from Fixing their game and file size. Thank You and if the creator of DONUTTEAM is seeing this, Please and thank you.