The Rocket Car Door

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I was digging around the P3D files of the stock cars when I came across the rocket and found that it actually has a door and a hole fore where the door goes on the rocket.

I found this weird because this car just uses the iris transition and most of the cars that do that don't have separate doors added to them because they are pointless to have. Anyways I wanted to get your guys opinions on why this car might have a separate door model.
It was probably intended you climb in, but it looked odd since they scale the character way smaller.

The textures on the inside of the door look a but nessed up. Possibly also a factor ... maybe.
@jrburger95 It's more likely that they decided to use the iris transition before finalizing the door textures.
It's not hard for them to make the textures work. Not sure why they'd decide against a door.