The mod loader forces me to launch the game in spanish

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I have a French version of SHAR on my PC and I wanted to use the mod loader along with it, however an error message occurred since I had to move the "movies" folder and "dialogs.rcf" in the main directory, even though they were already there. I eventually found out that the problem was, my file was named "dialogf.rcf" and not "dialogs.rcf"
Renaming the file makes the game launch but it's now in Spanish...

I tried the command-line thing but it didn't work, still unable to launch or in Spanish, I also tried downloading an English "dialog.rcf" in another thread on this site but it also doesn't work unless I rename it and then the game plays in Spanish again

Why does the mod loader wants me to use Spanish that much ?
I've never used a non-English version of Hit & Run with the Mod Launcher, but (as far as I know) the EXE file is responsible for which language files are loaded by the game. Are you using the original EXE file that came with your copy?
I can confirm what Colou said, having all the different language versions on my PC.

The Simpsons.exe file is different between English, French, German and Spanish. They all load the same text bible file, but a different language from inside it. And they each load one of 4 dialog archives: dialog.rcf for English; dialogf.rcf for French; dialogg.rcf for German; and dialogs.rcf for Spanish.

If the game requires you to use dialogs.rcf, then it is the Spanish executable. Assuming that you installed off a disk, you need to reinstall the game as English. Alternatively, we don't provide direct support to pirating the game, but you need an English copy of dialog.rcf and Simpsons.exe.

EDIT: Just realised you might have wanted to play the French version, but the logic still stands that you need dialogf.rcf, and a French Simpsons.exe.