The Simpsons Hit & Run - Smokin' Bouviers! [UPDATED: 2022.07.06] [LEAKS]

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Springfield has gone under a ban of tobacco product imports. Patty and Selma can't stop smoking, so they're up to a smoking shabang to fulfill their addiction. Join the Bouvier sisters and others to overhaul the ban!

  • Ability to choose to play as Patty or Selma;
  • An interesting plot and exhilarating missions;
  • An actual heist - chasing, running, hijacking;
  • New vehicles, costumes and characters.

We got some new leaks to the mod:

The mod will be decompilable, so any mod assets are free to use with a simbolic credit!

More information will be posted soon!

Happy modding!
is weed legal in this mod?
Nope. This mod is NOT about weed. As far as I know Laramie doesn't produce weed products.
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Finally, a new campaign mod. It's been a while since we've last had one.

This seems like a great mod.
Update 08.10:

A leak has been released!
Seems the website took the perfect opportunity to revive itself from it’s maintenance grave for this juicy leak!

Definitely also share the sentiments of others who have commented here. A tag-team mod that takes advantage of Patty and Selma’s similarities (and similar tobacco interests) seems like a fun idea and leads to some exciting mission possibilities. Very curious to see how it all plays out!
New leaks!
when it will be come out on on December? 2021
when it will be come out on on December? 2021

It will be come out on on this year.