Developing a mod as a team

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When I have an idea for a mod, can't I form my own little development team (artists, programmers, voice overs...)?
Hey there!

Assuming I understand correctly, your question is how to form a development team? A similar question was asked a couple of months prior, so I want to make sure I understand correctly here.

Given the age and seeming as if the question is slightly different from what was proposed earlier, I guess I can try to offer my best advice:

As cheesy and as open-ended as it sounds, I think it's important to establish what you're capable of doing and where you would need assistance. Basically, play around with the game a little bit! Tweak some good old Level 1 missions ever so slightly, do a silly little re-texture work, whatever comes to mind. Once you feel you've gotten a good handle of how the game works internally, start pushing yourself further and see if you can do just a little more. Making a mod is a fair amount of work, so try not to tackle too much at once. After that, share what you've done on the Discord or to others. I think afterwards you can kind of poke around and see what assistance you can get (or at least more people will be eager to jump on). However, your mod should have an idea of what general direction it wants to head in. I think asking yourself these questions are kind of important:

  • What is your mod idea?
  • What do you need assistance with exactly?
  • What is the end goal of your mod? To offer a new experience in Hit & Run without The Simpsons IP, something with an entirely different IP?
  • What content do you expect to be featured in said mod?

I think if you can have a general clear minded goal of what you want to do, you can more clearly think and be able to ask for assistance more elegantly. This is sort of what happened to me as I began playing around with the game with some very small guides and eventually got some results.

A lot of people around in our community are extremely outgoing and super kind! Just recently I received two model edits from a user here due to my overall inexperience with Blender, and it enhances what's otherwise a simple mission mod pack. Just check the Discord and drop in to say hi.

Hopefully that helps. Just as long as you express interest in doing something and show you're capable, you can get some amazing people to out. Don't try to force people into a group and let those friendships evolve naturally, and you're bound to find something great.
My idea is a Zootopia themed mod. Here are my ideas for it:

  • A complete map overhaul, with around 200 square miles to explore complete with changing weather, plus day/night cycles
  • Tons of varied vehicles, ranging from sports cars, motorcycles, semi trucks, even a monster truck meter maid scooter
  • Vehicle customization, such as upgrades and paint
  • All your favorite creatures - Judy, Nick, Officer Clawhauser, Chief Bogo, Flash, Finnick, Mr. Big, Gideon Grey, Duke Weaselton, Gazelle...
  • Various side missions, such as motorsports at the stadium
  • Online functionalities

These are my ideas.