Simpsons Hit & Run: (Triple Quest Mod) - Level 1 Available V1.00 Beta [CANCELLED]

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Hi, this is my mod, it's called “Triple Quest Mod”.

What is the mod?
This mod is about quest of Springfield to beat all missions.

- 7 Quest Missions
- 3 Bonus Quest Missions
- 1 Special Quest Missions

Trailer Gameplay: Never!

Level 1: Cancelled!
Level 2: Never!
Level 3: Never!

Link Download is over!
Sorry, but I'm not doing this any more, or you can ask for it if you want? but impossible to bring back my mod!

Probably lack of motivation!

descargar por favor? gracias

This post has been removed.
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When I release the Next Version, I will be focusing more on the next update for this mod.
descargar por favor? gracias


Gracias, xUnknown :)