A mod that allows you to go up to a character and click to play as them

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Like in the Lego Star Wars TCS, you could run up to another character and click to play as them
Unfortunately, that wouldn't be possible. However, there are various ways to change your character. First and easiest is to use the cheat code that is already in the game. However, it requires a 100% save.
Second, you could mod your game to play as somebody else, in scripts/missions/level0x/leveli.mfk (x is the level number), change the AddCharacter("name", "animation"); line, to something like AddCharacter("male6", "npd"); or whatever character you'd like to play as.
Lastly, you could use this mod I made, which allows you to play as all 5 main characters and their outfits in every level.
Have a good day & I hope this helps!