Lucas' Pure3D Editor 4.0.2 Released

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We have just published a new version of Lucas' Pure3D Editor 4 on our tools page of our SHAR Mods website. This update contains a few tweaks and new features.

Download it from the SHAR Mods tools page.

- Changed the copyright of the Editor's executable from "Copyright © Lucas Stuff 2015" to "Copyright © Lucas Stuff 2015-2016".
- Added a right click option on the Image Viewer called Dark Background. This defaults to on when viewing Texture chunks inside Texture Font chunks.
- Texture chunks inside Texture Font chunks are no longer considered advanced chunks.
- Added support for editing colours with the Value Editor.
- The String inside Frontend String Hard Coded chunks is now displayed in the tree view.
- The String Identifier inside Frontend String Text Bible chunks is now displayed in the tree view.
- The Create Camera Chunk tool in the right click menu of 3D previews is now only shown when Show Advanced Chunks is enabled.
- Added the ability to view each character inside Texture Font chunks.

Loren Goodwin
sorry for bumping off an old thread but where can i find a tutorial for the editor?
Did you really need to bump a 4 year old thread instead of making a new topic or googling. And not only that, your question is extremely vague. It doesn't even explain what you're trying to accomplish. Do you want to edit textures, models, etc.

This thread is now locked. If you'd like further assistance, create a new topic with what you're trying to do, what you've tried doing, and any helpful information.