Raid Boss Mod {FINAL VERSION!}

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is it now decompile?

I'm pretty sure for next update it's will be a very final version, so I will make a decompile :) (Probably later today...)
why do i need additional characters frame work 2 when load on my mod launcher?
why do i need additional characters frame work 2 when load on my mod launcher?

Because there are extra characters in my mod like Sideshow Bob, Fat Tony, Itchy & Scratchy, Barry Duffman and there are more, so probably you need to download “Additional Characters” requirement, and put on your mod folder, then it works to play!
Well, now that the Final Version of Raid Boss Mod has been released, could you start working on "Some Challenge Mod?!: Wolfie Edition" for me?
I bet you can do it with ease! Also, since I'm replacing Homer in both Levels 1 and 7, my voiceclips can easily replace Homer's! Anyways, I sure hope you do the same update progress like with what you did with this mod. Alright, time for the mission ideas for Level 1. You can do the ones for Level 2 to 6, and then I'll think of Mission ideas for Level 7. This time, mission names & descriptions can be whatever you imagination can think of!

L1-M0: The Wolfie Tutorial
Mission Description: Collect all the items around the map before time runs out. Avoid Chief Wiggum!
L1-M1: Storing the Groceries
Mission Description: Someone has stolen some items from the Grocery Store! Get to the Grocery Store and destroy the thief's car before he gets away! (The Thief being Snake.)
L1-M2: Wolfa-Hunting like always
Mission Description: Ram into the Nerd Car & collect the items that he drops, but don't lose him! Watch out for the Car Gang!
L1-M3: Ready, Set, Doh! 2.0
Mission Description: Reach all the Designated Checkpoints leading up Mr. Burns' Mansion before Homer Simpson does. (It only matters if You beat Homer or not, and it doesn't matter if Lenny or Carl beat you.)
L1-M4: How(l) did this happen?
Mission Description: Tomacco was stolen at the Tomacco field! Use the Armoured Wolfie Van to search and catch the stealer of the Tomaccos! Don't let them get away! (Also, the Armoured Wolfie Van uses the Armoured Truck's Model, but the body is Yellow, and the Wheels are Blue.)
L1-M5: Food at steak
Mission Description: More Food has been spotted! Grab all the food around the Kwik-E-Mart while avoiding Apu and before time runs out!
L1-M6: Immortal Wolfie Friendship
Mission Description: Follow Flamix and collect the stuff he lost. Don't lose Flamix, and don't let The Bullies underestimate you!
L1-M7: Howlin' Bowling
Mission Description: Team Up with Homer to take down Smithers' Vehicle, and then take out Mr. Burns' vehicle (Who Strangely fired him)! Don't let them destroy your vehicle!

Anyways, if you ever do plan on making this mod playable, here are the vehicles you can get, Same rules apply. I do Level 1, then you do Levels 2-6, and then I'll do Level 7.

Level 1 Cars:
Wolfie Sedan (Default Car)
Armoured Wolfie Van (Unlocked by beating the Street Races)
The Speed Wolf (Unlocked by Beating the Ultimate Challenge)
Sports Wolfer (Unlocked by buying it from Gil for 250 Coins)
Globex Super Hero Car (Unlocked by buying it from Gil for 300 Coins)
Planet Hype Homer's Car (Unlocked by buying it from Homer for 500 Coins)

Anyways, if you like this, Then good luck creating the Level 1 Update for this mod! 😉