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What are you guys going to do for Halloween tomorrow?
Ehh, not too much. Sadly I live in a pretty remote area, so I don't exactly have a very huge community/neighborhood around me ready for Halloween. However, me and my fiancé are probably just going to be carving pumpkins to celebrate and have a couple of minor things planned. Those are always fun!

Also curious about the new Family Guy Halloween episode for the very minor Steve and Larry reference, so I might check that out in a bit! Same with The Simpsons' two latest Halloween specials. I know very little about the source material, but I'm fairly impressed they outsourced the animation to the original studio behind Death Note's anime adaptation! Looks like a decently fun segment.
Halloween's already happened here in my time zone. Nobody on my street celebrates it, so streets have been dead silent. I just played the new Halloween mod, but I kinda wish I partook in it more, oh well.