Re-uploading my post which was deleted, and explaining it better in hopes of my account not getting terminated

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Yesterday I made a mod and gave this download link:

If you opened it with the launcher you could and still can see its clear description; but I got a warning for apparently not explaining it on here properly and putting it in the wrong subforum

So I will here. Hopefully "SHAR: Mod Showcase" is the right board/subforum to put it in

It's a very good thing I've made, if I may say so myself. It removes the racism from L5M4 ("This Little Piggy").

• Krusty explicitly saying to Apu "You'll have better luck if ya, you know, look American". Not even that whole .rsd file but just cut out half of it.
• Apu's appalled reply "Thank you, horrible man" (complete .rsd file). This isn't racist in itself but its not needed without Krusty's racist comment to him
• Needing Apu's American clothes for the mission
• Apu needing to go look at his American reflection in the Krusty Burger dining window in order to start the mission

So that's as clear as I can make it. If anyone with higher authority than me on this website has a problem with me being against racism then let me know right below

Hey, your post was deleted as it was posted in the wrong category. This was the message that was added to the warning:

We would like to ask you to read these guidelines: and edit your post to match them. For example perhaps add a video/screenshot to showcase a change?
Thank you!