Replacing an AI vehicle with a different one on a Street Race makes the Game crash.

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Hello, guys, I'm a new user here on Donut Team. Today, I am making a custom race for Level 7 of SHAR, which is about racing against the Alien-Controlled Vehicles in Circuit and Checkpoint Races. I replaced the Hearse with the Ferrini - Black in the sr2i.mfk file, but when I entered the game to see if it works, it crashes for no reason. I checked the file if I wrote correctly the vehicle's name file and it seems that everything is okay here. Does anybody know how to fix this problem? Thank you.
You also need to load the vehicle in the sr2l.mfk file.
Alright then. I'll try.
I added the Ferrini - Black in the sr2l.mfk file and when I entered the game to play the Circuit Race, it finally worked! The car is now racing on the track. Thanks for your help.
Edit: I have the same problem again... This time, I replaced the Hallowen Vehicles with the Alien-Controlled Vehicles (Ferrini - Black, Cola Truck, Chase Sedan and Surveillance Van) in the sr3i.mfk file, then I loaded the vehicles in sr3l.mfk and when I entered the game to see if it works, the game crashed. How can I fix that too?
If you're interested, we have a Discord server that contains a channel solely dedicated to asking for help when modding the game. I'd recommend joining, if you'd like. Either there, or here, it'd be helpful to see your sr3i and sr3l MFK files. You could upload them to a file host service and share links (Discord will let you do this directly), or just copy the contents.
Sorry to see the reply late but okay then. Thanks.