Can someone fix the grammar for the entire mod?

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This is about "Episode II: Attack of the Dark Curses".

So as I said it's just an exception to upgrade for the next v1.05 update and I will repost it again. unless one day I do more in the next update if I decide to work on my mod again.

My apologies for the grammar, because I live in France for over 12 Years, but I'm using "Grammarly App" so don't worry. One day I will speak with better grammar.

By the way, when it's done, I can drag it into my mod.

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I'd be more than glad to help! I do have a lot of good text writing, so I'll help you out!
I looked at it earlier. I didn't play the mod before so some of it seems unclear as to what's happening in the level, or who is talking. I think you may have to allow a bit of creative licence to whoever fixes it. I believe some of the text are of things that make perfect sense in French, but don't translate in the same way. "Riding of the marraige" is one funny example.

Anyway, I appreciate the great effort put into this and hope you succeed in your aims. Can't wait to see it when it's done.