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Anyone need new voices? I can do them
Can you do a voice for snake and otto? adding more ques for both of those characters? many thanks!
i can do a spot on Snake, and i'll try for Otto. what do i do to upload them again?
dunno i'm really new to this site.
Hi, John. are you able to do Kent Brockman's voice? I need 2 lines for a small project of mine.
You upload them somewhere else and link to them here. Dropbox is a good site to use. I'm pretty interested in hearing your impressions.
I used to be able to do some pretty good Simpsons impressions. Homer and Krusty were my best. Back when I was a freight engineer, my conductor and I were both huge Simpsons fans, and on longer trips, we'd recite lines from Simpsons episodes. And passing trackside train defect sensors, when the report (Good or bad) was generated as an automatic radio announcement in our cab, it would be met with a "D'oh!" or "Woohoo!" depending on if it found anything or not. My conductor used Krusty's voice ("Ughhhhh..." or "Hey hey! Hoohoohoohoohahaha!" , sometimes Nelson's "Ha-ha!" to me if it detected the train going too fast. Unfortunately I am WAY out of practice on my impressions though. Seeing how there seems to be a need for them here, maybe I should get back in practice?
Ok, sorry I forgot about this thread! Yeah I'll do Brockman's voice and post it once I've done it
What program should I use when I'm actually speaking the lines? Audacity works, but the audio quality is pretty bad
John, do you have an email or another way to contact you, I want you to some impression