Custom Vehicles

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Hello, how do I make custom cars? I read that you need to port the .obj but does it need to be special or just a model.
The only thing you need to make sure for the .obj file is that it's triangulated, meaning its faces are comprised of triangles (I would recommend learning to use the modeling program Blender for that), and that it's a suitable size for the game. You'll also need a .con file and some phone booth images, so I would recommend looking at some other vehicle mods for that. Lastly, all mods require a file called "Meta.ini" in their root folder. Here's a tutorial for that:

There are plenty of car mods people (including me) have made, so I would recommend checking those out and using them as an example. To look at mod files, just right-click them in the launcher and select "Decompile".
I have a .obj now what do i do with it?
This may be of help
Ok I got the model in, now how do i change the texture?
Before I say anything, in the vehicle's main .p3d file in \CustomFiles\art\cars, find the file "(vehicle name)Shape (Mesh)", where vehicle name is the name of the vehicle (I'm looking at a Camaro mod I did, so for me, its cam_vShape). Expand it, and are there a lot of other files there? Or is there just a couple?
I found out how on another post, thanks for the help though