Custom car crashes game when called through phone

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When I call in my custom car the game crashed. There is no error message except "Simpsons.exe has stopped working"
Have you tried obtaining your car in game in other ways, such as making it a traffic car or making it the default car of the level? This should help differenciate whether its a problem with your car itself or just calling it through the phone booth. Also, does the game crash when you scroll to your car in the phone booth, or when you actually call it? That's important too, because it could have something to do with your car's cars2D picture.
I replaced Homers Family Sedan with it. It works as the default car. It only crashes when I call it
Do you have Cars2D icons?
Whats that? In the phone booth it just shows the Famuly Sedan
Are there any qualities of the vehicle that could cause it to crash the game only some of the time, such as a changing paint job?
It crashes like loren said because you havent made your vehicles Phonebooth icons (Cars2D)
You need to make a damaged image and undamaged image.
He/she said that it uses the Family Sedan cars2D image though.
I did change the texture