H&R Music Remixes

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Has anyone heard this remix of Bart's theme? I like it a lot, makes me feel really happy and nostalgic for some reason. It sounds almost like a song from Sonic adventure 2.
Not having a go at u or anything m8 so don't take this the wrong way, but that just sounds terrible. You're right about one thing though and that is that it sounds like something from a sonic stage because it almost sounds like SANIC. U sure u posted the right link?
It's not mine, it's someone else's.
I know that but what I'm saying is that whatever u posted isn't Bart's theme. It sounds like a SANIC'd version of one of Apus tracks.

EDIT: Found the track you were talking about on the guys channel you just had the wrong link. And although I am against anything nightcore related, speeding up the level 2 music gives it a sonic heroes vibe which is one of my favourite games for second generation consoles. I'm already remixing a few hit and run themes which I will put in the game if I can figure out how to mod the games music.
This thread actually reminds me that somebody ended up remixing Professor Frink's Theme from SHAR with Pokemon Black and White sound instruments. It's honestly really awesome:

Crap, MACCA is right. I posted the wrong link. This is the one i was shooting for:

No offense to the guy who made the other remixes, but I agree that they're kind of rubbish (though the Bart one is good).
Thought that was what u meant. I'm just finishing a remix now if u want to hear it. when its done I will put a link in the post. (not sure if this counts as self advertising but if it does I'm sorry for bending the rules).
Nah, feel free to share your remix. I'm pretty interested as there aren't many for this games music.

I did a remix of the Social Club area in level 2 and 5. Found some rap vocals on my hard drive so I thought I would ad them in as well. I apologise for the bad video quality. My music editing software wouldn't render video properly so I ended up using movie maker.
I like it, it's pretty good.