The Return of the Cars V 2.5, that's it

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Hello there, my name is Gordon, and this is mod, that adds unused cars as a purchasable (or used, but not drivable).
Drive your favourite car!


Older Showcase Video:

Old Showcase Video

Cars doesn't replace purchasable cars.

Known Bugs:
1. Selecting vehicles in scrapbook menu will crash the game.
2. If player enter Cellphone car, he becomes invisible.
3. Purchasable Knight Boat's flames doesn't shows, but sound still plays.
4. Nonuples Minivan can't be destroyed
5. Choosing Mini-game will crash the game(Same as 1)

Put File in the mods folder.

Delete the file, it's so simple!

Cars, that available in mod:
Ferrini - Black(L7 Gil)
Ice Cream truck(L1 Gil)
Milk Truck(L6 Gil)
Cellphone A(L2 Gil)
Cellphone B(L2 Gil)
Cellphone C(L2 Homer)
Cellphone D(L2 Homer)
Cube Van(L3 Gil)
Rocket Car(L1 Barney)
Taxi(L2 Homer)
Sedan A(L1 Gil)
R/C Buggy(L7 Gil)
Knight Boat(L3 Gil)
Nuclear Waste Truck(L4 Gil)
Ambulance(L5 Gil)
WW Jeep w/rocket(L7 Zombie)
Wagon A(L1 Barney)
Vote Quimby Truck(L5 Homer)
Nonuplets Minivan(L5 Gil)
Bonestorm car(L1 Barney)
Traffic Schoolbus(L3, Otto)
Pizza Van(L3, Otto)
Krusty Glass Truck(L3, Otto)
Garbage Truck(L4, Gil)
Planet Hype Car(L6, Kearney)
Monorail(L4, Willie)

Thank you for downloading the mod. It's ended now.

Cool mod, but you might consider making the Ferrini - Black purchasable in Level 7 instead since its stats match the other cars found in that level. Trust me, I have a lot of experience driving it and it's one of the best cars in the game, and the easiest to drive for how fast it is IMO. You don't have to replace a reward that already exists. You can add it as a second car from the zombie or a third car from Gil.

Just my advice! It's your mod, do whatever you want with it.
@max_power998 I agree! great idea
Everyone can advice me more cars to add.

Just so you're aware, the Cube Van is never actually featured in the vanilla game.
Hey Gordon,some suggestion for other cars:

Level 5:Nonuplets Minivan
Level 2:the light blue car in the parking near the stadium
Level 4:sedan a(an unused traffic veichle)and audi tt
Level 1:cube van,Bonestorm truck.

I hope you will appreciate it.

Thank you, I will try to add some of those cars. (Light blue car, is a Cellphone car? Anyway, Cellphone car and Cube Van are arleady in development)
No ,the light blue cellphone car is a car in the parking that is takeable out with cheats.It's so pretty.