Problems editing music

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i am editing game music with lucas rsd converter,but when i extract the files from music03.rcf and i place them in the sound directory,the changes by rsd converter are not applied in the game.

I wrong something?

Please help me.


To clarify, the directory you should be using is:


If your directory is correct, the problem is likely that the files you modified the .rsd files with were not .wav files. Rsd files only support the .wav format.

If .wav files are not available for your piece of audio, here's a converter I found online that will convert files to .wav format:

If that doesn't work find another converter online. Before you modify music, you must either hex edit the .rms files found in one of the music# files (I don't remember what the number is) or make sure the .wav file you are using is the EXACT SAME LENGTH down to the millisecond as the original .wav file the game used. There is a tutorial on how to hex edit those files somewhere on this forum (I haven't read it, I don't know where)

Good luck!
Another way is to throw the .wav into audacity and re-export as .wav then using the converter
I created a folder called "mod" on my desktop and i putted in it customfiles\sound\music\files.

When i play the game,the musics don't change.

What i wrong?If nothing,how i can fix this issue?

There's topics on making mods on the forum...

Put the files in 'music'. Don't create a folder called 'files' in it. The game won't recognize that directory.