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Max Power here!

I came up with what I think would be a help to many of the modders on this forum and a great addition to the site overall. My idea is to add a resource HUB that modders can upload mod resources on for other modders to download and use in theirs. Some useful things that could be uploaded would be:

-Custom HUD Icons
-Custom Vehicle art and scripts
-Custom TERRA and map dynaload files (when those become available)
-Custom characters

...and so much more.

I think this community would be very receptive to this sort of thing, and that very quickly the area would fill up with resources that would make sharing individual mod components so much easier and allow modders to do their work more efficiently by having access to community resources.

I would love if you guys on the forum would consider my idea and post feedback and suggestions on it, and any ideas or resources for getting it done would be awesome as well.

Sayonara dudes!
I believe Jake intends on allowing resources to be uploaded to the new website alongside full on mods. For now though there is a dedicated board for any raw resources and assets you might want to share with the community.
I think, that everyone can make custom Head-Up-Display Icons, if arms are straight.

That's great! I didn't know about that board. I'm going to look for it now.

EDIT: I read that as 'thread' for some reason, I know of the mod resources board.
I'm confused what you're asking for then because that's the place where you would post these kinds of things. I have some stuff there like Template INIs and what not.

My questions are answered, no worries.
Ah okeidokey then.