Where should i start when modding hit and run?

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I've been wanting to mod this game for a while but i don't know how to use any of the tools on this site and when i did try to mod the code to change traffic on homers level with I YouTube video i watched. After that and i would go to load level 1 the game crashed when i got to the loading screen for level 1 it would just crash, i did fix it but i just got confused at this point on the modding stuff and can anyone point me to any places showing how to in detail how to use these tools?
I would highly recommend this here playlist of tutorials


It will show the basics and some of the more advanced things you can do.
If you have any other questions, add me on Skype (ballisticzoom) or discord (mwalker@northampton-k12.us) and I'd be happy to tell you anything you need to know. :)