Discord is a free chat client that is used by many communities, including Donut Team. You can chat with the community in real-time using both text and voice!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why can't I just join your Discord with a server invite link?

To prevent both spam and chat misuse, we require a link between your Discord account and our service. Once you sign in, we'll automatically add you to our server. If you're not convinced, you can join by clicking this link, however you won't be able to chat until you sign in through our site: https://discord.gg/Xtvdu7e

How will I get access to your server?

After you login and authorise Donut Team, you will be added to our Discord server automatically.

Can I login for my friend so they can join the server?

Nope, your Discord account can only be linked to one Donut Team account at a time. We do not recommend sharing your Discord or your Donut Team account with anyone as you are responsible for everything shared with both accounts.

Can I unlink my Discord afterwards?

Yes, however you will lose the ability to chat in our server until you re-authenticate yourself.

I left your server, how do I rejoin?

You'll need to click the "Remove my Discord account" link, then re-authenticate.

I got a message saying "We failed to authorise you" - What does this mean?

If you get this message, we recommend contacting support@donutteam.com

Is Donut Team officially partnered with Discord?

No! Donut Team is not partnered, affiliated or associated with Discord. Though if Discord wanted to partner with us in anyway, they can send us an email!


Donut Team uses your Discord account to give you access to our Discord server. Don't worry, we clean up afterwards and revoke our access after we're done.

Still don't trust us? Visit https://discord.com/developers/applications/authorized to manually check to see if we're still authorised. If for some reason we are due to some technical issue, you can manually revoke our authentication.

Access your username and avatar Donut Team uses this to link your Donut Team and Discord accounts together. This allows us to properly sync your username, profile information and moderation logs. Our main reason for using this is to access your Discord User ID, which is a unique identifier for your account. We store this information on your account and it can be used to see who sent a message in our Discord server.
Join servers for you If you're not already in our server, we'll use this permission to add you to our server once you authorise your account.