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Discord is a free communication platform that is used by many communities, including Donut Team.

With it, you can chat with other members of the community in real-time using both text and voice!

Login to Donut Team to get access to our Discord
Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to link my Donut Team and Discord accounts to join?

This is to prevent non-community members from joining our Discord and to help enforce moderation actions across our web services and our Discord server.

How do I get in once I link my Discord account?

You will be added to our server automatically once you link your account.

Can I unlink my Discord account afterwards?

Yes. You will, however, lose the ability to view our server until you relink your account.

I left the server in the Discord client, how do I rejoin it?

Click the "Unlink my Discord account" button above and then link your account again with the "Link my Discord account" button.

I got a message saying "We failed to authorise you", what does this mean?

If you get this message, something went wrong on our end. You can try linking your account again but if this happens repeatedly, we recommend contacting so we can help sort it out!

Is Donut Team officially partnered with Discord?

Donut Team is not directly partnered, affiliated or associated with Discord in any way.

Permission Information

Donut Team requests the following permissions on your Discord account to give you access to our Discord server:

Access your username, avatar, and banner

With this permission, we can access a limited set of information about your Discord account. We primarily use this to store your Discord User ID alongside your user data on our servers for the purpose of linking your accounts together.

Join servers for you.

With this permission, we can join servers automatically on your behalf. We use this to add you to our Discord server after you link your account.