Donut Mod 3.2.3 Feedback and Suggestions

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Good day, my name is James but you can call me that or Nigel, either way, I will respond.

So, I have just finished the main story of the newest version of the mod and I would like to give some feedback about my experience and some suggestions based on this.

I would like to begin by saying I had a lot of fun playing this. The differences made the story a bit more interesting and definitely more entertaining in some places. I liked the twist to the story toward the end.

Beginning with Level 1, extra objectives to add spice to the original missions seemed to be common (e.g avoiding the Black Van in Power Surge). This is an example of it added nicely because it had a point and was fun to do. Then again, in some areas, the extra objectives weren't needed. Take Crash and Burns for example. You have to avoid the Nuclear Bus. This could be a really fun objective if the Nuclear Bus was fast enough to actually pull away to catch you initially. It fails to do so every time though.
Another example of this is Dr D'oh Little. Collecting all those monkeys on the highway is a very basic objective, almost impossible to fail and is just plain boring. Having something quick to avoid while collecting the monkeys would make it a lot more interesting. Less of them too.

Next, the AI. For the most part, the AI choice is very good. Good examples, again being in Power Surge or the nuclear van in Frink's mission in Level 1. Bad choices would be the Chase Sedan in Off the Rocker as it is really slow and feels like a waste of time. Another example would be when you have to chase Apu in Level 3 (can't remember the exact mission). The Longhorn is exceptionally good at turning and reminds me of what happens to the Hearse from vanilla Hit and Run in the Level 7 races where the AI can't control the car. Would it be possible to change those AI?

The additional/modified cars are welcomed with some sleek designs, notably the Patty Wagon, looking extremely impressive. I also adore the new design of the Family Sedan, matching the other sedans (I love a good sedan). I don't actually have any bugs with the cars themselves. The only problem I have with them is the fact that you can get the Rocket Car so early. As a person who has played this game to death, if I really wanted to, I could easily buy the Rocket Car and make my life a lot easier by doing the missions quickly. Obviously, I can't use it for every mission but it seems out of place when in comparison to other cars.

I don't have much to say about the added costumes other than for the first time, I actually wanted one of them. That being the Donut Team Homer. Don't know why, just looked nice. The only thing I can say about improvements to them is to make the quality of them better.

Music was well placed. Actually created a very un-easy feeling for me when following the Black Van in Power Surge, very nicely done. No out of place music that I can remember. No original music though, don't know if it's possible but it would be nice if there was a track similar to the style used in the game, would be cool though.

The challenges that I did were fun, I haven't done all of them yet though. The destruction derby ones were fairly easy but kept the pace of the game strong while also being a nice distraction to the main missions. (I'll come back and update this bit when I have done them all)

Collectibles in the form of the wasps, the mod is packed full of them. Am I interested in getting them all? No. Reason being is that everything is too cheap. I don't really have an incentive to get them all as I can easily buy anything already. The cards however, I was interested in getting because they were all in different locations to their original counterparts. The only problem I had with the placement of some of them was that it was the same method of getting them. Jump on a tall car's roof and then double jump. Personally, I prefer the ones that were well-hidden, like one in the first level, in the Nuclear Powerplant parking zone.
Coin placement appeared also to be the same. It would be nice to see the coins placed a bit differently to the vanilla game to give a clearer indication of where to explore to also find wasps.

If I stand back and look at this mod, it has solid design and execution. With what's currently in the game getting a bit of tweaking, this could be made even better.

Thank you, Donut Team for developing this mod. I have greatly enjoyed my time with it and I intend to continue with it soon.

Latest version is 3.2.3.....
Ah, was a typo. Was 3.2.3 I played though.
"Then again, in some areas, the extra objectives weren't needed."
Regarding all complaints about difficulty, if you were playing on Normal it's supposed to be very easy in these levels as Normal attempts to replicate Radical's difficulty which is very easy at the start of the game. There is a Hellfish difficulty that makes basically all of the objectives much harder if that's what you're after.

"Would it be possible to change those AI?"
Of course it's possible to change AI and we'll look into some of your complaints and try to make them handle better.

"The additional/modified cars are welcomed with some sleek designs, notably the Patty Wagon, looking extremely impressive."
"I don't have much to say about the added costumes other than for the first time, I actually wanted one of them."
As for the cars and costumes, these are all being revisited in the next update with many new cars and entirely new costumes for every character. That said I think you'll like the selection even more soon enough.

"Music was well placed."
I'm glad you think so since we did what we could with our relatively limited ways to change music around. Also currently, the mod has no original music but it will in the future.

"Reason being is that everything is too cheap."
Much like the original game, everything will get vastly more expensive later in to the game so you probably will want these later.
Don't make it TOO expensive, like grind-for-7-hours-to-buy-everything expensive. That's probably my biggest flaw with the original one, I had to waste hours destroying cars to get enough money, hopefully you won't make the same mistake.
You hopefully won't have to do that too much in the end.