Some Challenge Mod

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The download links are no longer available and never will be. So don't ask for it. Also, why is this mod always a target for trolls?

You should play this instead. Some of the missions used ideas from SCM, so you could say it's a spiritual successor.
OR if you'd like, you could read this stupid essay about the history behind this mod.

Apparently, this mod is considered too "legendary" to be discontinued. I know that this was the very first mod besides Donut Mod to feature brand new missions/challenges that aren't little revisions to the original ones, but I'm certainly not going to add more unfunny jokes or missions to this mod after looking back at what I had created over the years.


Some Challenge Mod contains new fairly short, somewhat unique, and challenging... uh... challenges. These challenges don't have anything to do with the original story, so finding plot holes is negligible. As of now, Level 3 is available (about time too). Maybe download and play it or something? First, watch this trailer if you're not sure whether you'll like this mod.






Vehicles have received a change in their stats. This is to make the game have a more balanced selection of vehicles. As you may notice, there are a lot of vehicles people don't ever use because of their poor stats compared to the others'. For instance, the Duff Truck would be the lowest tier, while the Hearse would be the highest. I plan to encourage players to actually use a good variety of vehicles in between missions so that they don't rely on just one vehicle for a whole level, but I won't force them to... yet.

Whenever you talk to somebody who is normally the "bonus mission" guy, you will begin an "Ultimate Challenge". These jerks are much harder versions of challenges that already exist. That way, the challenge is technically replayable and can be mimicked. The idea is to make these lack replay value for being overly difficult. (FUN FACT: In Ultimate Challenge 1, the lunatic drivers are considerably faster and a bit more vicious than on Hard difficulty. This is due to the fact that I copied the data from the original challenge on the highest difficulty and pasted it onto the data for the Ultimate Challenge. The difficulty higher than Hard was scrapped, because releasing an insanely high difficulty level wasn't a thing I wanted to introduce in this mod until later.) If happen to beat one, you'll receive a "high tier" vehicle, which is significantly more powerful than the ones you can earn through easier means. Of course, this doesn't mean that every stat will have +3 stars. For the sake of those who can't beat ultimate challenges, there will eventually be a way to beat these with ease.

In case you haven't already noticed in the first 5 seconds you entered Level 1, there are new "Fun Fact Cards" in this mod. Once you collect the very first one, that card will explain it all.

Hit & Run is more vicious than it is already, and I'm not saying it IS vicious.

Wasp cameras aren't going to be changed in this mod. This is mainly a mod that features new missions/challenges.

"SCMMusic" is a music mod that is made solely for Some Challenge Mod. The problem with my challenges was the fact that despite being a lot of soundtracks to choose from, hardly any of them fit the situation. So I made SCMMusic which includes a slightly more fitting selection of music. You are not required to download it, but in order to play comfortably without the unfitting music killing the joy, you gotta download it. Hey, I get fed up when there's unfitting music playing!

There are two versions of SCMMusic:

Custom Edition
The "Custom Edition," basically what it was planned to be since the start of production of Challenge 5 in Some Challenge Mod, uses soundtracks from other games. No, I'm not obsessed with GTA music, so there's no "rap" music included (or whatever other genres GTA generally uses). Instead, this mod uses a genre more similar to what the vanilla game already uses (and sometimes different genres to fit the mood of the scene). Not every soundtrack was replaced with music I chose to include, such as Detention Deficit Disorder, those are irreplaceable to me.

If you can guess what games I got the music from, good for you. Eventually, I will add a list of the names of the soundtracks and what game it originated from.

This edition can be decompiled, so that you can plagiarize the files that are included in this edition so that you could create your own Music Mod with the music included from this.

Rearrangement Edition
The "Rearrangement Edition," uses only music from the vanilla game so that Some Challenge Mod can be played with a more fitting selection of music and still have that "Simpsons" vibe when being played, essentially replacing other soundtracks with ones that actually fit the situation. This takes up a bit less space in your storage device(s) since most of the soundtracks were unchanged compared to the Custom Edition, so if you can't risk having so many MB in your computer nowadays, this version of SCMMusic is recommended.

However, this version cannot be decompiled as you could simply rip the same soundtracks from those RCF files.
We have a program that can read .rcf files.
It can't actually edit them though. if you want to do that you have to hex edit the RMS files. Which is easy-ish to do but very difficult to undo.
It doesn't look like the RCF explorer allows people to add new stuff in any RCF file, but I'll have to wait until a tutorial/program that can do what I'm looking for is posted to us.
I never replied to this but I like the idea of this mod, a lot. My only gripe is that the music should be a separate mod in my opinion. Music mods are most likely going to conflict with one another a lot and I feel like using your music should be separate so players can use other music packs if they'd like (I'm working on one myself actually).
I FINALLY CAME UP WITH A NAME FOR MY MOD. YAYYY! It's kind of generically lackluster, but all the fancy names I could think of sounded too "hippie".

Also Loren, I had made my custom music into a separate mod already, but I feel as though people will not like this mod for its unfitting music if the unchanged music mod isn't required, so I planned on requiring it in order to play the challenge mod. Believe me, the final mission of this mod would be laughable without my custom music...
Requiring it causes the same problem I mentioned before and I consider it an equally bad idea.
I forgot to mention, the music mod is editable.
So you say that the mod won't have any plot? How about you make it so the whole thing was just one of Homer's "Hotdog Dreams?" I noticed that you've already thought of a name but you said it was lackluster so how about this: Ninja Babysitters: The Mod : ) (In case you don't know this is a reference to the end of the vanilla game were Homer was confused about the Ninja Babysitters being real or not)
EDIT: I added the mod tag to your post
EDIT OF AN EDIT: I love the trailer soooo much, especially the fake beginning when it cuts out and says "Fine, you want something NOT boring?" XD
Some of that looked really insane, like when you seemed to be guiding Lisa against what looks like Bart and Kearney. I also liked the School bus vs School bus, I always thought it was funny that there was a little school bus in level 1, then you get a big one in level 3. I hope you release it by level so we don't have to wait as long to play some of it. Either way though, I can't wait!
@bomberman333, oh I'm pretty sure Homer's wacky dreams are much more weird than my challenges. Also, that "fake beginning" is supposed to be flashback scenes from the original game, showing how boring some of the missions tend to be.

@Gibstack, those two drivers were just generic people found on the sidewalk. It's hard to decide whether if I should release parts of my mod or release it as a whole since most of my mod is unfinished and I'm not just talking about the challenges. There's the vehicle balancing, collector card placements, custom music, and difficulty that I need to work on.