Back to the Future: The Game pack

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Oh, good point. I've changed it.
Biiiiigger update. 21 characters.

In this update...

Danny Parker
Doc - 1985
Universal Guy 1986B
Doc - Radiation Suit
1986B Guard
Jennifer - Continuum Conundrum
Jennifer - BTTF1
Marty - Tesla
Marty - 1986B
Universal Girl 1986B
Jacques Douteux
George - 1985
George - 1955
George - 1986A
George - 1986B
Evil Edna
Edna - Expo
Lorraine - 1986B

By the way, I know I'm showing all of these models in the T-pose, and that might give the impression that these models aren't ingame. They are, it's just quicker to take and upload screenshots of the P3D editor than it is SHAR.

Are you still releasing this mod?
Probably not.
Awe, why not?
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where is a link
thank you very much! oliver for this mod
link in video