Suggestions for Event Advertisment

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A few suggestions I have for event advertisment.

1. Don't go around saying "Nuclear Winter" and give me Road Rage. If you're advertising something, at the most try and stick to the thing you're advertising. I really was expecting nuclear fallout and instead got Moe driving around town.

2. Being cryptic. Okay, I actually don't have an issue with this but when your code messages are jumping around the screen while you have loud static playing it's honestly kinda disturbing. (I believe this was in one of the Update videos. The Feburary one I think I'm unsure)

Well, there's my suggestions. More like rants but hey..

Not to burst your bubble, but there are a few things you need to look at before making one of these posts.

1. Donut Team have not advertised this content in any way. The nuclear winter event had no ads because Donut Team had to delay it because of internal issues (I don't know).
2. Donut Team are NOT required to advertise this content in ANY way.
3. Just because you didn't get what you thought you were getting, remember. These guys do this as a hobby. For all intents and purposes there could be nothing from them in between Donut Mod updates.

For you to have the nerve to post this grinds my gears because I've personally talked to these people. They have jobs and commitments and for you to expect the world of them for a hobby. I'm sorry but shame on you.

Thomas Donofri
I agree with @Thomas Donofri
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I was going to reply explaining why these things have been done, but Thomas nailed it on the head already. We had other goals, they couldn't be met in time, we delayed to try to get the map builder ready however due to unforseen technical issues. It will be out eventually, but we are busy with other things at the moment plus it has a lot of issues were still working out.

I don't understand why this is still an issue, this happened over a month ago now

NOTE TO OTHER MODS: Please do not lock this thread, a rational discussion is okay.
Actually I get what TechWizard is saying, I come on the website and see the nuclear winter event being promoted and get a Road Rage update. It personally doesn't bother me but I understand where he's coming from, I also understand why it never went through. I think Donut Teams biggest problem is announcing things that are not ready, we got map maker, multiplayer, a new website, conspiracy update and Nuclear winter event although I think this is due to there excitement. At the same time I can tell this is something they've not do as much, tho wouldn't surprise me if there working on a few things that they haven't announced yet.
Actually I get what TechWizard is saying, I come on the website and see the nuclear winter event being promoted and get a Road Rage update.
Once again, I really don't know what to tell you. This event clearly didn't work out as planned. It doesn't even have an event page and was a single day instead of the multiday event we had planned. We wanted to give a character pack, map builder (to rebuild springfield) and the Road Rage map that you got as an added bonus. It's not like we can predict when something goes wrong, and thus we were unable to deliver on our goals. We apologized, but it's not a big deal. We're a bunch of men who have jobs, girlfriends, families, ect. We have a lot of other things on our plate (I'm typing this as I'm going to work for example!), and we do this as hobbies and to hopefully make something of our future. When something falls through, we can't really do much about it. We apologise it did, but that's all I can really say.

I understand we discuss a lot of things, but we have reasons as to why somethings are known and changed. We can't predict the future, and once we have a clear goal and a lot of it done, we start talking about it to get help, share information and gauge feedback.
  • Map maker is something we didn't announce, it was announced from the fact we released a custom map and thus people had questions. We said it was coming eventually, and tried to release it recently but things went south.
  • Multiplayer was announced so we can have people test with us. During testing we found numerous issues and are taking it into consideration when we do work on it.
  • Conspiracy Update was announced before we knew we could make custom maps. Once we found out we could, we decided to wait until we could make a custom map to release. We're still working on this and it should be out within the year.
  • Nuclear Winter Event was announced with a clear goal in mind, but we were unable to fulfill it do to unforeseen issues.

As with everything we take your feedback seriously and will discuss how to handle it in the future.

Jake AndreĂžli
I was being too harsh on you TechWizard. But I'll use this as an opportunity to give feedback as well.

1. I'd like to see some smaller map mods. I know that you guys want to stay away from copyrighted material. But I'm currently extracting game region map meshes from some other games and I'd like to see them used somehow.
2. You guys seem to criticize yourselves needlessly. If something doesn't work out, don't expect us to freak out over it.

Thank you,

Thomas Donofri