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"The new is on the way..."

Can't wait for the 7th of December!

Or... is it the other way around...?

Nah, it must mean something is coming in december. Yup.
12th of July?
You know, you could've put something like

VII.XII.MMXV - XII:XXX, for example. Now, I have to wait like somebody who's patient. Heartless people, making us wait! How dare you!

(I'm joking, of course.)
Well it's not even 12 July in the United States... Only 2 more hours until the new day arrives... ;)
Yeah, I know, but its just that, assuming it comes at a "normal" daytime in EST, we will therefore have to wait. Unless it's a midnight release... *ellipses* *winky face*
Unless it's a midnight release indeed... *ellipses* *winky face*
But is it a midnight release indeed.... *ellipses* *question mark* *suspicious face*
We've pretty much just begun development for Level 4, and it's far from finished at the moment. Me, Chris, and Loren Goodwin are currently developing the missions for the Level and they're still far from finished (with only 3 missions in a "finished" state).

That being said, perhaps Level 4 will probably be coming earlier than the previous Levels since we have a lot of extra hands working on the mod.

J********, you were banned earlier for good reason. Your replies in current topics were either completely unhelpful (telling a user who created a topic asking how to edit a mission that nobody cared), and yet you keep bumping topics asking for tutorials or posting suggestions where they don't belong rather than creating a new topic.

Furthermore, all of these excellent cryptic messages that Jake put together have now been solved, and the Seaside Update is now available to the public. There is no need to continue discussion on these topics.