Sunday Drive V1.11

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Important Note:

This mod was the very first mod I made for this game, and as a result it's...not very good. I would highly recommend checking out my two newer campaign mods, Storm Over Springfield and Cops: in Springfield, instead.

Well, this update is really overdue.
Presenting...Sunday Drive V1.1!
I threw this together in a number of minutes so there will be some bugs.

Featuring 11 Missions and 1 challenge
I yet again forgot to replace the tutorial, so just play past that, okay?
Difficulty starts of quite easy, but once you get near the end of the mod it gets much harder.
(Wow, I really suck at making mods)

  • Added L2
  • Added L2 missions 1-4
  • Fixed some HUD issues

  • L2 newspaper is still the default one.
  • Default tutorial still exists.
  • AI can get extremely lost in L1M6, however this is quite rare.


Any feedback would be great, remember it's only my first mod!
Great mod! c:
(To fix first bug, you might increase "Half Extents" in locator's trigger (like, from 1.5 to 2 or 2.5), but, carefull with that and don't set high numbers)
This mod is fantastic!

The dialog is very well edited and taken from the show as a source, the missions feel clean and fun without being boring, and the mission concepts are pretty hilarious as well. It'll most likely write up a full review sometime soon to give you my full thoughts, but just writing this quick reply right now to tell you that it's great. Excellent job!
I agree with Max. Everything you have done so far is great. Its a very good mod and you have done a good job since it's your first mod. I also liked the audio that you used from multiple sources including the show itself.

One problem i have with it however is that the cars look horrible and its kind of pointless retexturing them even if you did a good job. it might be a good idea to leave the vehicles the way they were. But I do like the truck. I liked the fact that you added burns mansion to level one but the problem is that it looks really buggy. All you needed to do was replace the level 1 p3d with the level 4 one instead of manually editing the p3d which in some cases is dangerous.

Overall this mod has a lot of potential and I cant wait to play an update.
Thank you both for your reviews, I also agree, some of the cars look horrible, particularly the family sedan, however I have a soft spot for the Mini Ferrini (Bart's car). I was really just messing around and then forgot to change it back. I might change that right now, actually. The reason I didn't just copy over Burn's Mansion from Level 4, was because the UV lighting is darker, I really only forgot to add the door frame though.
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I don't know if this problem is for everyone or just me but attempting to buy the cube van off Gil crashes my game.
Hrmm... I'll look into it. When I bought it it didn't crash, but that was in a very early build and it's been unlocked on my save file ever since.
I think you're missing the p3d model for it in the CustomFiles\art\frontend\dynaload\cars file. If adding this doesn't fix the problem then I'm not sure.
I get the same error and crash as kaine123. Apart from that, great mod! Interestingly, when Level 2 starts, Lisa is in it?

I am impressed with being able to get inside Burns Mansion in Level 1. I've never seen this before, the front gates locked, but able to get in via the powerplant? I remember a long time ago someone was asking on here how to do such things, guess it IS possible!