Mission 3 (Undercover Employee) Crashing During/After the Mission

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I love how the Donut Team made the missions more unique without altering the story (So Far)

But when i try to play Mission 3 (The Workplace Evaluation one) multiple times it crashes (Windows Says its not responding) 
1 - When I reach the Power Plant
2 - At the beginning of the mission when restarting
3 - When I Finish the Mission (Hardware shouldn`t be a problem)

Here`s the crash file from the launcher if that helps

The Mods I had are
-Frame Limiter
-Donut Mod Episode 1

If the problem can`t be solved, can i please have a save file that skips mission 3/Undercover Employee?
I really want to play the Seaside Update when it comes out.
You could try putting your save into the original game, beating the mission there, then putting it back. I don't really have a guarantee that wouldn't break your save, so I'd recommend backing it up before trying that.

We'll look into it also.