[Official] [Mod] Donut Mod: The Seaside Update Released

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We're very excited to bring you the Seaside Update today. We'll be launching it at 3PM EST.

Now, here's the launch trailer in case you missed it:

We'll also be launching an updated Autumn theme that supports this release, though we're sorry to say the Winter theme is not yet updated for this release. It's developer, Kyle, has not been around much and has not had the time to bring it up to date. It will be updated at a later date to support the Seaside update.

We also launched an update to the Mod Launcher last night that you must update to for this release.

It's also important to remember that for returning players, that in order to reach Level 3, you must replay the final mission of Level 2. As soon as you've done so, Level 3 will unlock.

You can get the updated Mod Launcher right now, as well as the Seaside Update and the Autumn theme when they're available over at the SHAR Mods site.


We hope you're as excited to play as we are to release.

- Loren "Duck" Goodwin
And now, the Seaside update is officially available! There's a link to the full changelog on SHAR Mods next to the download.

The Autumn theme update is also available.

when I try and load it up it says I need the IncreasedVideoResoloutionSupport hack, where can I download it?
Did you actually update the launcher? It ships with the new update.
I downloaded it again and it worked, don't know what happened :P
The game crashed at L3 M4 when supposed to refuel grampas car!

Just to let everyone know.

Edit: Was fixed by it self, weird
But after the last mission the game just says, can't find the missing file... making the game stop working
That was a really dumb mistake, I just fixed it. It'll be fine in the next update.
Can someone please like warn him or ban him?
J******** doseant learn from his mistakes :l he was banned before