DT Maintenance Delaying

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Hi Donut Team,

Not to be rude, but why are you posticipating Maintenance for the second time?
You know that it's what all of us are waiting for. But at least can you give us more information of the reason of this permanent delaying?

Anyway, Cheers!

He has on both the Donut Team twitter and Donut Team Discord Server.

Ok, Thank You Thomas.
To further explain, we delayed the server maintenance for the following reasons:

- We encountered a server issue we wanted to resolve before continuing forward. This is caused by a recent change from our provider which gave us additional space, ram and processor power at the same price. The site would have ran fine, be we wanted to fine tune/optimise things to make sure it's using the new power to the fullest. You can find information about this change here, though its not really that helpful to you:
- We rewrote core parts of the website, such as the internal bits that submits posts and handles things like profiles. These are not changes you will notice, but further enhance the stability and now use less processing power to do the same thing. Every kb of memory counts.
- We introduced new features such as a new moderation panel, a new post editor, post voting and other things i can't talk about right now.
- We implemented new code to handle an email service, as we can no longer rely on our hosts built in one, as that does not exist.
- Many, many bug fixes.
- To top it off, I'm the primary web developer and I'm feeling fairly sick. So I haven't been able to do as much.