2018 Road Map: The Year Ahead

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We're making an effort to be more transparent with our development process and to give you the ability to criticise us for not meeting goals.

We want this community to thrive and because of that we're announcing this public road map.



11 February 2018


Early March
  • Website Public Test Server (PTS) for new loading method and profiles.
Middle of March
  • Release PTS to live website.


End of June
  • Release Donut Mod 4
  • Release Website Mod Store


Early July
  • Donut Mod 4 Multiplayer Event - Jump in and play to get an exclusive badge.

Q4 2018

  • At least one community event featuring content from a Donut Team series.
  • Several quality of life updates to all of our content.

We hope you understand our plans here and are excited where we're going.

Jake AndreĂžli, Loren Goodwin and Kenny Giles
Donut Team Staff
[deleted user]
5 yrs ago (Statistics)
June is gonna be a best month :P
Glad to see Donut Mod 4 will be out soon-ish.