The Simpsons Hit & Run, Google Translate Edition

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This is a small mod that did not take very long to make, but it is still very fun!

I have knowen about Donut Team ever since they were still working on Project Donut!

This is my first mod (If you can even call it that) that I have releced to the public.

Basically, what I did was take the game's ENTIRE English Textbible and put it through Google Translate 10 times in uncommon languages, and then back to English, and saved the result as a CustomText Ini file. And that is all this mod is, however the results are priceless.

For example, you drive a vehicle called "Car Accident" to the "E Mart" to get some "Ice Cream Bikes"! And that is just from the first mission!

Just turn on this mod, and play the game normaly. That is all you need to do to use this mod!

You may even want to record or live stream your first reactions!

Some of the translation is so bad, that it appears as rectangles, because it is trying to say something in a foreign typeface, but the font is not even in the game.

EDIT: I managed to fix the problem above. Now, there are no rectangles!

Click here to download updated version

Click here if you still want the old version with rectangles for some reason

Please reply to let me know of any bugs or errors you find.

While unlikely, If you are offended by any of the content, remember, I had no control over it! I am not insulting you, Google Translate is!

I will also take any mod requests! So if I see a mod request thread on the forum, I might start working on it! (It might take a while, but I know how to make many kinds of mods.)

Enjoy my first "mod".
That's a good idea for a mod, gonna try it
btw, good luck with your future projects!
I'm playing your mod right now, and I just can't stop laughing - the objectives and menu items are just so random! 10/10 Mod of the Year! Great Job!
I'm intrigued I haven't played this yet.
Would it be funny to change the characters dialogue to Text To Speech, like so:
I'm currently working on an expansion to this mod, giving all the characters text-to-speech Google Translate for their voiced dialogue. It's on hold whilst I finish a Google Translate hack for a different game, but it should be out some point 2022!
Google Translate FMVs:

All game dialogue Google Translated will happen some point Q3/Q4 2022.