The Simpsons Hit & Run: Restoration [Discontinued]

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Hello there, my name is Gordon. And I want to show you this mod made within 12hours.

So, what's SHaR:Restoration? It's a very simple mod, that tries to bring as many unused content from the beta/E3 versions back to the game.
Currently, this mod has some tweaked missions and etcetera.
Changed content in Beta version:
L1: Changed traffic to unused "A" vehicles. Added unused "icecream" vehicle
L1M2: Added unused chase sequence
L1M5: Added unused mustaction trigger near the van. Added unused getin stage after mustaction trigger one
L1M7: Added unused goto objective, so the race starts earlier
L1BM: Changed Tommaco icon
L2M3: Added unused talkto stage
L2M4: Removed the black van chase sequence. Added unused goto stage
L2M5: Making the mission look like it's E3 variant: Apu has easycop.con and the music doesn't switches to second stage
L2M7: Added unused variations of Cellphone cars. Added unused timer condition
L3M1: Added unused talkto stage
L3M2: Fully restored this mission. Now with more changes and chase seda...wait...
L3M4: Added unused goto stage in the premission
L3M6: Added 23th fish
L4M1: Added getin stage, so the follow stage doesn't starts right away. Added unused "Destroy Donut Truck" stage
L4M5: Added unused timers
L4M7: Added unused text objectives
L5M1: Added two pursue vehicles. Removed 11 collectible crates
L5M3: Added unused goto stage
L5M5: Removed the garbage truck sequence. Now you need to go straight to the monorail station
L5M6: Added unused timer condition
L5M7: Added unused race with curator (It's not that short as you may think)
L6: Replaced cPolice with cSedan as a police vehicle. Changed numbers of police cars to 3
L6M3: Added unused goto objective
L7M1: Added unused getin and interior objectives
L7M5-7: Changed position of nuclear waste
Changed every mission name, according to original script
Changed Handling to Stability
Added Audi TT
Changed Radar

(You can find changelogs for future versions in the thread comments)

In future versions I will change the rest of the graphics and the other missions with the help of leftover CustomText and original ("Outline Revised") script.

v. Zeta:!dOZwRarC!gOvB8mdQQfZN4wjsy5Gj_2zJedHISXvzy43B3t-RS7g

Have fun there!
Yeah, i was also working on a similar project, but I edited the game's files and i didn't create a mod
so like the huge text for the hit and run warning
Its kinda like what I was doing, then I got bored of working on it
Yeah, I know a lot of people were doing mods like this
However this mod is more based on a removed original plot outline (without dinosaurs boss fights though) than other beta stuff
New update is out!

Added unused Sit-N-Rotate sequence to L5 bonus mission
Added 3D character icons (Thanks to Tf2_master!) There's still lack of some icons, like Dr. Nick or Flanders
Replaced L2M4 with bonus mission
Replaced bonus mission with short timer stage
Replaced AntiFUNGAL Cream with Hemorrhoid Cream
Some changes in CustomText.ini
A pretty small update, but it's still an update! (next one will be bigger)
Have fun with the mod!
New update is out! duh

Tweaked CustomText.ini
Replaced L3M3 with bonus mission
Finished the 3D character icons
Retextured 70's sports car to look close to Beta version
Removed L5M4, now there's completely new mission from the revised outline script
Changed L1 and L2 newspapers to look like their outline script counterparts
Tweaked some final missions of the game
Added an unused carbox.p3d to the L6M4 (It was probably supposed to be used in Truckasaurus Boss fight, but since it's impossible to recreate a boss fight, I just added a new p3d file for a collectible)
Added some lines for Wiggum chases in L1M2, L5M6
(Changelog may not be full, since I'm writing it just after the release, so I may forget something)
Well, that's probably it. One-two version(s) to go!
Have fun there!
What’s the difference between Delta and Gamma download?
You can see the differences in the changelogs
I'm using Greek Alphabet instead of regular «"1,0" -> "2.0" -> "3.0"» system
driving me insane with that ice cream truck jingle