The Simpsons Hit & Run: Restoration [Discontinued]

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Can't you see that this is discontinued?
I've added most of the unused content into the game, mostly based on the PR assets. I also consider the mod fully released, and I probably won't update it, unless something critical happens
You just little missed some textures..
Here Lil' Bandit old render with different wheel rim
Lisa's Malibu Stacy car (changed textures):
Moe's Sedan:
Stop bumping old threads
could someone send me the mod its not more here
Hi, I don't know for sure if anybody has this mod. The creator of it recently left the community & the thread has been made 3 years ago, and the most recent comments on it are just bumps.
I would say it is safe to assume this mod won't be released, I'm sorry for the answer coming off as disappointing.
Maz is indeed accurate in the above post. The user in question is currently no longer in the community and had their account deleted a little while ago? It's quite possible some other users in our Discord might have downloaded and archived it prior to deletion, but it's not guaranteed. The user also frequents some areas and moderates a subreddit, though I'm unable to link it directly here to comply with our stance on pirating Hit & Run for the time being (as the subreddit has a cracked version of the game).

I'm going to go ahead and lock the thread due to the user no longer being active here and the current links being dead. However, if the thread needs to be unlocked, please feel free to reach out to me or other Community Staff!