Does any one know some really good mods?

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so far i have only played wiggum in zombie land,donut mod 3 and road rage returns
but i want to play some more mods what i may not know about so can i have some suggestions
on what to play next
You should try Housewife Duties, it's a really awesome mod about Marge 'n stuff
thanks i will try it right now
I was just about to say house wife duties when Gordon beat me to it.

It's not being re-released until December but the creator behind housewife duties (sparrow) did another mod for about Christmas. I can remember the name but we won't see it again for 6 more months. It was taken down for glitches.

Gordon did some really good mods himself which is why he is a personal favourite modder of mine.

One is Homer's Adventure which despite being worked on with a forth level you can still play.

The other one is Springfield Noir which takes the place for the most overhated mod of all time. There is a glitch that crashes your game after a certain mission and an objective which doesn't work because the ambulance that's meant to follow you doesn't do it correctly which is why the mod has been taken down for the time being. But if the mod ever gets reuploaded download it as soon as possible. You won't be missing out.

The last one from Gordon is simple. It recreates the beta. It's in it's 3rd version right now with the mod still in development so not everything is changed at the moment.

Now, some joke mods:

Steamed Hams but it's a Simpsons Hit and Run mod is exactly what is sounds. It only has 1 objective and is mainly cutscenes but I would recommend giving it a try. Besides it's only about 5 minuites.

Google Translate doe 1 thing, puts all of the text through google translate and replaces everything (except for the character dialouge). It's just a simple hack, but it is amusing
There are a lot of good Player mods by Nightbane
Try out Somebot's Metal Arms In Springfield.