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The mod is now actually called Randomiser, but this thread hasn't been updated.

Most things are going to be randomised, we're currently working on 1.9 which adds yet more.

As for the things which are needed for gameplay, we're planning on bundling them into a "chaos" mode. This will randomise things like dialogue, where doors go (you could enter the door to the simpson's house and end up in the school), and what it says you have to do in the mission, though the mission will (probably) stay the same.
This is because, whilst we do like these features and want to add them, we still want the game to be playable. Putting these into a chaos mode (with a warning) lets players know what they're getting themselves into.
Really enjoying this mod, adds so much replayability to the standard game

However, I am encountering an issue on L2M7 (Cell-Outs). I can play every other mission up to this point, story and bonus, as well as all races too. Whenever I talk to Frink to accept the mission, the dialogue works fine (although I have it randomised) but as soon as the mission starts to load, the game crashes

Any ideas, and are there any pictures of settings or the like that you'd need from me to help pinpoint what is going wrong? I really enjoy this mod and would be glad to help
@Blu Glad you're enjoying the mod, I really appreciate it!
Can I ask what version you are using? I believe 1.8 has a crash in cell-outs which is rather unfortunate. I'd strongly suggest playing the latest 2.0 beta which is reasonably stable and plays through every mission successfully (there's some random crashes I am trying to chase down still, unfortunately). There is also a crash if you have "Random Chase Car Amount" enabled because the game's collision engine cannot handle too many vehicles around.

If you are running the latest version the most helpful things for pinpointing errors is the Console (you'll have to enable it in Lucas' Mod Launcher, in the Developer tab). Unfortunately if the game crashes you tend to have act quickly to screenshot the console window before it closes. A picture/summary of the settings tab can be useful too. Submitting an Issue on Github is very useful so I/others can track the issues too.

P.S. I am aware the thread title and first post are very out of date now. I was intending to "revamp" it with 2.0's release but as with many things it's taking its time as we hunt down bugs and keep adding new ideas. I hope it'll be soon!

This is what I am getting with no random car chase amount

I have got random every cellout on though
Ohh, I always did this when I completed 100% of the game, just a lil more manual. Altough only for me rather everything.
I picked up all cars in the game (using the cheat of having the cars' list that includes everything, from the Family sedan to even the Red Brick car)
and letting RNG choose a car for everything possible in the level
-All 7 Missions
-The bonus one
-All 3 Street Races
-Wager Race
Just I skipping the usage of a car on thoose that are already scripted to use 1 car (like Bonestorm Storm mission), and using the....glitch I can call it?, when I need a purchasable car, choose it and then choose whatever car I want, and the game permits it. Once I used a car, the car couldn't be used on the missions anymore.

But this mod sounds like a more RNG way similar to what I did, just I can get the same cars and it's more bizzare, I'll try it for sure, sounds really fun.
Update: I have finally released 2.0 which has existed in beta-hell for ages and I decided to just release the damn thing.
Download it here!

Hopefully it's not too unstable but I suggest playing with saves as crashes can always happen especially with the complicated nature of many of the features!

If you've not played it in a while 2.0 adds a huge number of extra changes:


Adds the ability to randomise the mission characters
Adds more characters to the random driver pool
Adds the ability to use your own limits on Random stats
Adds the ability to have random music (credits to Sparrow)
Adds the ability to have random music cues (credits to Sparrow)
Adds the ability to have random dialogue (this requires extra setup, read RandomDialogue.md)
New "Chaos" randomisations: Interiors, Objectives, Mission Order and Items
Adds the ability to add custom cars to the car pool (this requires extra setup, read CustomCars.md)
[Beta 8] Display settings & version on title screen
We now have a discord server, join here: discord.gg/UQcTZgG


Changed the method of randomising character
Random pedestrians will now randomise ambient NPCs
Fully renamed to Randomiser (this does reset your settings on first launch)
The mod is now a "Main" mod. This means it has it's own saves
Re-organised the settings as it was getting a bit cluttered. Now in pages and groups.
Random chase cars is disabled by default as it can cause crashes
Beeman and Hibbert models are now handled properly
The seat position in the Audi TT is now fixed
Random vehicle stats are now maintained during a mission restart
[Release] Change the distribution of random scale to favour less huge models
[Release] Cap mission vehicle HP at 15


A lot of dialogue related crashes are no longer an issue thanks to the new random character method
[Beta 4] Fix a Lua error when starting a street race
[Beta 5] Cell-outs caused a crash
[Beta 5] The player character is randomised even if wearing a costume
[Beta 6] More cell-out crash fixes
[Beta 7] More crash fixes, gags work with random interiors
[Beta 8] Use custom limits (1.22) to allow custom chase cars to not crash
[Beta 9] More custom limits (1.22) to avoid a crash from exceeding quad limits
Related, now that I am not stalling to develop new ideas. IT's a good time to check for any major usability issues. If anyone wants to provide some feedback on the following it'd be really appreciated <3

- Is it easy to find the download link & install and stuff
- Is the documentation for the more complex tasks (random dialog & custom cars) followable?
- Is finding out about settings easy?
- Should any default settings be changed at all? (I think so but I would like people to see)


If you want to try out the custom cars feature, Flipff's Modding Communtiy Cars Mod which you can find here has a randomiser-compatible download https://mega.nz/#!06QADSTC!Ot8fTuIDFJ-tIbqLYkddf4v-paVln6-P3fihwIRuqVc which gives you a large number of new random cars to play with!
New BETA release for v2.1.
- Increased stability
- Some new features
- Some changes to existing features

Full changelog and download: github.com/EnAppelsin/SHARCarRandomiser/releases/tag/v2.1-beta.2
How do you do to have the random dialogue? I do it and it tells me that there are no downloads of randomiser dialogue. please help me.
How do you do to have the random dialogue? I do it and it tells me that there are no downloads of randomiser dialogue. please help me.

Hi, it looks like you haven't setup the framework. There's a full tutorial on this page: enappelsin.github.io/SHARCarRandomiser/RandomDialogue.html