Please reconsider the voting system's cooldown

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Sometimes when I go through a thread and I see a few funny comments or something, I upvote them. It's kind of annoying to wait between each vote that is placed. I realise that this is probably made to prevent spamming or something similar.

What I suggest is if users could be verified, or have been on Donutteam for more than 3 months can earn the ability to vote without the cool down.

Just a suggestion,
Very aware of this complaint, and we'll be looking into it soon.

We had a talk in the Discord recently about this:
[7:32 PM] Homer: Are you ever going to make it so the upvote and downvote buttons don't appear if you're not logged in?
[7:33 PM] Jake Andreøli: Not part of the plan right now
[7:33 PM] Koopa: On that note, I find that the spam prevention for voting gets in the way a lot.
[7:33 PM] Jake Andreøli: I notice it too. Been looking for new ways to handle it, maybe make it so it gets lighter the older/more active your account is
[7:35 PM] Jake Andreøli: Right now it just checks if your latest vote was within a time. I may make it the longer your account exists, the less the time or check if multiple votes have been casted within a short time.
I'm not very active in the discord server so I wasn't aware of anyone else bringing up the issue.

Regardless, thanks for listening, and good luck with the new Donut Team website.
Thank you! We're always looking to improve user experience, so if you have any suggestions we're always listening.