HD Mod Alpha 3

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Hello, This is my first mod. I replaced the original textures with HD ones. its not finished yet but i almost complete the first level.

You can download it here!

and here is a video:

The trees look a little funky in the screenshot, lol
ik, it was alpha 2 lmao but idk how to upload images here
Links down! :(
The link isn't down it's just not added correctly. if you remove the /file at the end of the link it will work.
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Thank u!!
So how exactly does this work ? I dropped the file into the mod file. extracted. and tried to open it in the Lucas launcher but for some reason I get an error message, "Failed to launch the game. A generic error occurred in GDI+." This was the only mod that I tried opening the game with so this is weird.
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