Massive Map - All 3 Maps Combined!

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Is there a mod that combines all maps (L1,L2,L3) and would it be possible? if one such as this doesnt exist i would be willing to pay around $5 over paypal to whoever can make one like this. but if one does exist i would appreciate a link to be commented on this thread. It would be even better if there was a story/main mod that goes with this map. please leave links below.
what is the Massive Map is
The original concept for the game was to combine all three maps in level 7, but it has never made real.
donut mod 4 it looks like l4 on this mod
@Danny, that was never a thing, this would just explode every console, so, no. L7 was never a giant map
@jdoggingo, there's no such map yet, though, with Model Builder and Sketchup this could be potentially possible
I would pay someone to make a mod like this

Please refrain from posting on topics over a few months old. I know I gave you the link to this thread, but that was only for an answer to your question.
I don't think you should've answered. The thread is 5 months old, and the answer was closed long ago (judging by no more responses in 5 months, duh)