add more cheats

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well if seen there are more cheats on the ps2 gc and xbox than on pc 

so what i was thinking of is u go to options and add a extra button and that's called cheats and u can select a cheat that u want
and also add more cheats like the on ps2 and xbox and gc has All reward cars cheat its not on pc but it would be nice if it was 

anyways i hope its possible i know programming is hard so if it isn't possible i get it

good luck with making it 
the all reward car cheat is on pc.
ohh dint know that 
but still the cheat thing would be awesome maybe u could even do u got to do a mission to get one of the cheats unlocked just a idea 
Nobody really knows how to that kind of thing as all the programmers/scripters of Donut Team are i assume self taught when it comes to scripting this game so none of us will know how to do it either. 
just of curiosity i cant find the all reward car cheat on pc could u say it? :P
You need 100% completion (all gags, wasp cameras etc) (same as consoles basically)

Go To Options > Then Hold F1 and enter UP,DOWN,UP,DOWN 

Go to Phonebooth and hold f1 and f2 and a secret car list will pop up with every single vehicle in the game
thx for that 
Do you have any other ideas for cheat codes so I can ask Lucas what the feasibility of it is? He said he can add codes but doing the actual action of the code is the tricky part.
no sorry i had some in mind but i forgot it kinda makes me feel stupid :p
but making a GUI with like the cheat part would be awesome like 

Invulnerability [ON]
Press horn to jump [OFF]
Speedometer [ON]

would be awesome 
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