Basic Mod Template

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Before downloading, please understand that this mod does NOT contain any modified game assets for players to use!

Tired of having to set up a mod from scratch? Tired of creating a copy of your mod to modify extensively, just to create a new one? Is setting up a Lucas' Mod Launcher Mod too tedious? Dunno where to even begin with making a mod, but want something easy to start with?

How about a nice little template to ease up those pains?

Basic Mod Template is exactly what it says it is - a template for mods! This mod makes use of only the CustomFiles hack, which I think is arguably the most important hack available for the mod launcher, and retains the original game's folder structure (save for a couple of useless folders). Outside of that, nothing else is included in this mod! This allows newcomers looking to do simple asset replacements to copy their content and paste the changes they want to make into the appropriate directory. This also gives modders a simple template to work off of should they decide to create a new mod, rather than having to rebuild it from scratch.

It's pretty simple to use. Just download the folder, and place it in a directory your Mod Launcher looks for mods from. I'd personally recommend the "My Games" directory in your Documents, which should look something like this:

Documents\My Games\Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher\Mods

Once that's done, extract the folder using any program you'd like. You can then experiment with the template there! You can edit Meta.ini to name the mod something else, modify the description, and replace that boring author section with somebody cooler! For a more in-depth guide of what type of hacks you can add to Meta.ini, I'd recommend checking out the Donut Team documentation page on it. If you're looking for a tutorial on how to modify mission scripts, I'd recommend legomariofanatic's guide on the basics of mission script modifying. If you want to modify some textures, Will's tutorial on using P3D Editor should give you a good understanding of how the tool functions!

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