Road Rage Returns Feedback/Suggestions

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I recently played Road Rage Returns for my Youtube channel and I have had some stuff in the back of my mind that I wanted to share.

I wanted to start off with saying how rushed parts of this mod feel, for example there are a fair amount of bugs in Level 1 eg: Game crashing in M4 if you park in the alley way that's just one example I can think of off the top of my head. Also the missions really take me back to the classic road rage, not in a good way either. There are way to many collection missions, if you played the original road rage your know that basically every mission was a collection one apart from about 3. This is really unimaginative and a few times I was thinking of just skipping some of the mission just because of how boring they were. The last thing that really bugged me during my play through of this mod was the traffic, it wasn't normal to say the least. It seemed to spawn pretty randomly and some of the physic were rather strange.

This is why I really hope the team takes some of the feedback me and others have given and fixes some of the issues with RRR, once fixed it will hopefully be even better than it already is!
Thanks for taking the time to read this, would love to hear your thoughts :)

Yeah, I understand where you're coming from and while this project is on the back burner right now, we're aware it can be made a lot better and we want to make various improvements to a bunch of facets of the mod in the future.

Right now, we know about some critical issues that are actually game breaking which we want to take the time to fix sometime soon (pertaining to the Level 2 streetraces) but other than that there probably won't be many substantial updates to this mod in the near future.
Thank's for replying Loren
Looking forward to seeing some updates to this mod in the future!