LP of DM3!

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Just an LP of DM3, figured I would show it off here. I don't want to record my voice, because puberty. I have a few annotations scattered among each episode explaining some things, but overall it is simply a showcase of the content.

Update: All the way to level 2 is finished, while Level 3 is currently being procrastinated over. Just wanted to update the thread so others knew incase they missed it. www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGO2gDJk105c3gD6yZwVf_FcCk0UqayVc is the playlist link, as well.

Very nice, I shall make sure to keep up with it.
I edited the post, now I've recorded up to level 2 of DM3. So, if anyone wants to check it out that hasn't, here it is.