Annoy Squidward - 2.02 Update!

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Download the Lucas Simpsons Hit & Run mod launcher, extract it with WinRAR or 7-zip, then inside the mod launcher folder, there should be a folder called mods. Drag the .lmlm file into the mods folder. Open the Mod launcher application and tick the mod and click "Launch". Hope this helps.
Thank you Boompson for the advice. I feel I am close, but this didn't finally work... At first clicking on Launch button made a pop-up window of opening file and didn't launch the game, then after ticking some other Mod Launcher boxes the Launch button brings another message on screen:
Failed to prepare to launch the game. Failed to detect game version. Invalid DOS signature.

I run a Windows 10 machine.

Thanks in advance,

no seriously how do I play MP
I think its pog!!!