Additional Characters: General Information [Updated 2021.12.21]

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By the way, what model replaces each character?
I don't really understand your question.

This is a resource pack of characters that mods can incorporate if they'd like. The characters don't have to replace any other character to be used.
Ohh ok. I was planning on using this to create a "sideshow bob mod" which you just play as him, then adding custom dialogue.
Hey y'all, we just released a new update for this resource pack:

2021.09.01 Update

  • Added the Annie Dubinsky, Crazy Cat Lady and Jacqueline Bouvier models by @Yzma .
  • Added the Kirk Van Houten model by @Borb
  • Now includes CustomText.ini files for every character.
Hey y'all, we just released another new update for this resource pack:

2021.12.21 Update

  • Added the Itchy and Scratchy models by @maz and @Borb .