We're looking for new Donut Bot introduction messages!

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Mmmmmm, Donuts! In other news {Username} has joined the discord, more info on that tonight.
I think I speak for all SHAR modders when I say: Where is the {Username} footage?

{Username} has soared into the server like a candy wrapper in an updraft!
Hey, wait a minute...

Err... Ahh... Hmm... coincidence?
No coincidence, it's obviously cold-blooded thievery and we must now execute Jake. You may be wondering "why Jake", but that's just the way these things work.
Yes. Execute Jake.

"Join us father..."
"It's bliss..."

This idea for a Donut Bot message is in no way related to the above text (seriously):
Hey {username}, wanna see a dead body?
Shh {username}, you wanna get sued?

For those of you who do not know, these are both quotes from two Simpsons episodes.
This one is again, not intended in a harmful way.
*GASP* {Username}'s the chosen one! All Donut Teamers bow! (That means you too, Jake.)
{Username}, if you want to survive here, DON'T GET BANNED!
{Username}, if you're just here to see how fast you can get banned, then admit it. Because if you do, you'll get banned guaranteed! (Not a guarantee.)
{Username}, if you are looking for RBD, he no longer exists. His skeleton can be found in the power plant in level 7.
{Username}, don't steal ideas from other users, unless you want to end up like Nightbane, who lives on as one of the ghosts in level 7.
I don't remember allowing {username} to join... release the hounds!
(Username).exe has crashed the server.
UPDATE: We've added all messages we liked from these suggestions and they will begin to go into use in a few weeks. Keep sending suggestions, however do NOT edit prior messages. Send new ones.

Each time no one suggests anything in about 5 days, I'm making another huge ass list of suggestions, so you guys better think of something, otherwise I'm going to "coincidentally" steal your ideas (and 99% of the ideas I have in mind aren't even SHAR references). Speaking of stolen ideas...

Someone stole {Username}'s suggestion(s) for an introduction message.