Easter Mod 2 - Beta Testers Wanted

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So I've been working on this on and off for a while and I thought there's no time like the present to start gathering beta testers. If you enjoyed the only edited mission in the original Easter Mod and you think you'd be a good tester, then go ahead and reply to this post, I guess.

Here's a list of stuff:
  • Don't leak anything regarding the mod unless directly told to. Please don't leak in general. I don't know where the mop is.
  • Do what you're here to do. That should be testing the mod. If you're here only for the free food, you will be forcibly removed.
  • Provide feedback, report anything that seems like a bug. Chances are good it may be a feature, but better off making sure.
  • Share your opinions on the mod. Suggest changes if something needs toning down, any tweaks to time limits, custom text, et cetera.

If you break these rules at any time, you forfeit all ownership of your soul to me.
That also means you need to provide proof of soul ownership.

EDIT: I should specify this is not first come, first served.

EDIT 2 - ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: Since it's come to my attention that this could be interpreted as a joke, I'm also going to say that this is actually an entirely legitimate call for beta testers.

I actually have no idea how to end this post, so here's All Star inside a spoiler tag.

Spoiler: leak
Homer dies halfway through the "mission."

I'm here for free food, and I'm not providing any feedback for this mod nor sharing my opinions about it!

I broke every rule because my soul's less than worthless, so it hurts you more than it hurts me.
Testers wanted? 'k, I'll hunt them down, what's with the payment?

I know the context for a word "wanted" here. And now since you know that I know it, this whole post loses it's sense. Enjoy

EDIT: Ok, for seriousness, I'd like to participate



I added it to the original post as there was evidently at least one case of confusion, but I thought in order to be thorough I should repeat myself in a new post. This is not a "joke-post" and is in fact a legitimate call for testers.
I know, I just put that there as a joke. :-)

If you want to waste 10 hours of you're life, click below.

i will gladly test the mod for you if so DM me on discord scully188#1932
I'm willing to test, I can report any bugs I find and I would never leak anything out to anyone, as I would be afraid to get banned so yeah you can trust me... I guess? I dunno how to end this so

I really dunno where I'm going with this..
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Postman Pat!